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About OIEA

Director’s Message

대외협력처 학생 사진
Office of International & External Affairs CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF PUSAN
Specialized education to the world!

Catholic University of Pusan (CUP) is specialized in the fields of nursing and healthcare. Its size is relatively small, but it offers excellent educational programs. Thus far, CUP has concentrated on education and research in the domestic area rather than on the global stage. However, we established the Office of International & External Affairs in September 2015 to meet the need for global education demanded by the current national and international state of affairs. In September 2016, we established the Korean Education Center (KEC), began offering Korean language programs, and completed preparations for global education in five colleges and nineteen departments. CUP received an A grade in the University Structure Assessment conducted by the Ministry of Education and is the only university to have this distinction among the universities in southeast Korea. We will attract excellent international students and nurture talented individuals with intelligence, character, and spirit to make them fit for the globalized world. We are now prepared to guide international students into their future with the Catholic University of Pusan.

It is my wish that international students in Korea will choose their career paths in consideration of the importance and value of the future and where they can realize their dreams and hopes. The Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is the only athlete to win gold in three athletic events for three Olympic games in a row, and the Korean golfer Park Inbee is the only player in men’s and women’s golf who has achieved a “Golden Grand Slam.” If you choose the university that is right for you, I believe your dreams will come true.

The Office of International & External Affairs has established domestic and international networks and will establish a global network through MOUs with fine universities and institutions domestically and abroad so that CUP students can study and do research in the globalized world. I believe CUP students will realize their dreams not only in Korea but also in the world. Experience globalized education at the Catholic University of Pusan, a small but strong university!

Jang Kyeong-su  Director of Office of International & External Affairs Catholic University of Pusan