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비주얼용 비지
About OIEA

Main Duties

Major Business
  • 1Establish short- and long-term general plans to activate local exchange programs
  • 2Operate academic and student exchange programs with local universities
  • 3Operate cooperative projects with local universities and institutions
  • 4Tackle matters in relation to sisterhood ties with local universities and institutions (business and academic cooperation excluded)
  • 5Establish short- and long-term general plans to invigorate local exchange programs
  • 6Tackle matters related to sisterhood ties with overseas universities
  • 7Collect and distribute information on overseas education
  • 8Tackle matters related to training and dispatch of school staff regarding international exchange programs
  • 9Tackle matters related to overseas training programs (study abroad) for students
  • 10Attract and manage international students residing in Korea or in other countries
  • 11Tackle matters related to exchange students
  • 12Tackle matters related to exchange of international academic materials and seminars
  • 13Tackle matters related to joining international university-related organizations and participating in activities thereof
  • 14Tackle matters related to operation of a committee on international exchange, such as the International Exchange Cooperation Committee
  • 15Tackle matters related to the security and emergency plan of the Department of International & External Affairs
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