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비주얼용 비지
International Exchange Programs

Canada Language Training Program

캐나다어학연수 학생 사진


First-year students can take this four-week summer ESL program at Douglas College in Vancouver, Canada and do a homestay at Canadian homes, getting firsthand experience of their culture. You can also travel neighboring areas and go on a picnic with your homestay family.

We offer international language programs :
  • To help students realize the importance of the English language in the modern era and acquire a sense of global citizenship.
  • To nurture global leaders needed in the globalized world
  • To enhance students’ language abilities in order to improve competitiveness for better employment after graduation
Special credit recognition
Two (2) credits for Practical TOEIC recognized as special credits

Canada Language Training Program

ESL (English as a Second Language) & Cultural Immersion Program

Four weeks (five days a week) during summer vacation

캐나다어학연수 프로그램
Lecture time Description
09:00~12:00 Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking &Listening
13:00~ Various extracurricular activities

When to apply : Every mid-March

How to apply : Visit the CUP website for details

Canada field trip

  • 캐나다 현지체험 사진
  • 캐나다 현지체험 사진
  • 캐나다 현지체험 사진
  • 캐나다 현지체험 사진