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International Exchange Programs

Japan Language Training Program

일본어학연수 학생 사진


Since 2009, this Japanese language training program has allowed students to take Japanese language classes at CUP and experience Japanese culture during the winter vacation. Students who are interested in Japanese but are unable to speak it fluently can learn Japanese at CUP and use it in Japan in order to enhance their language abilities.

Special credit recognition

Two (2) credits for Japanese 2 recognized as special credits (To qualify you must complete at least 72 of 80 hours of on-campus language training, have average test scores of 50 points or more, and complete the related language program.)

Japanese Language Training Program

  • This program teaches beginning Japanese language learners basic and everyday expressions.
  • Students can learn Japanese effectively through this short-term intensive language course, and it is especially helpful to take in preparation for joining the Japanese culture program held annually.
  • We use internally developed textbooks.
on-campus Japanese Language Course
일본어학연수 프로그램
Duration Two weeks during vacation (80 hours)
Activities Practical dialogue(40 hours)
Reading, Writing, and Grammar (40 hours)
  • - New textbooks developed considering students’ study situations
  • - Deliver a lecture not only the conventional way but also using various activities such as group presentation, role playing, music, and DVDs to increase interest
Course description Reading : Starting with basic Japanese characters and pronunciation, this class teaches simple vocabulary, sentence structure, and grammar, and then basic greetings and everyday conversation.
Writing : Through Japanese writing, you can practice using simple vocabulary, sentence structures, grammar, and basic expressions in everyday life.
Listening : Listen to Japanese drama series and animated films.
Speaking : Learn the sentence structure of basic everyday expressions and repeat the expressions learned during the class to learn Japanese required for everyday life.
  • 교내 일본어 교육 사진
  • 교내 일본어 교육 사진
  • 교내 일본어 교육 사진
  • 교내 일본어 교육 사진
Experience real life in Japan
Duration 8 nights, 9 days
Activities Homestay, Mission trip, Field trip to Japanese hospitals, Field trip to Disaster Prevention Center
  • - To enhance language ability by using what you learned in the program in real life in Japan
Activities St. Mary’s Hospital : See medical facilities in the hospital
Homestay : Stay at a Japanese home for two nights and three days
Culture experience (mission) : Speak Japanese and experience Japanese culture
Fukuoka City Disaster Prevention Center : Try a fire extinguisher and experience a mock earthquake, strong winds, and fire evacuation practices
  • 일본 현지체험 사진
  • 일본 현지체험 사진
  • 일본 현지체험 사진
  • 일본 현지체험 사진
  • 일본 현지체험 사진