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비주얼용 비지
International Exchange Programs

Philippines Language Training Program

일본어학연수 학생 사진


Students take a 16-hour course at Pampanga State University and at least a four-week course in a private language institute to enhance their foreign language abilities. You can choose between four-week and eight-week courses during summer or winter vacation.

Credit recognition
  • Two (2) credits from CUP: complete at least four weeks of attendance
  • One (1) credit from Pampanga State University: complete at least the 16-hour course

Training institution

Clark, Philippines HELP-IBT Campus SPARTA method intensive training course focusing on TOEIC and English conversation Baguio, Philippines
Baguio, Philippines Longlong campus Highly intensive SPARTA training course covering TOEIC, TOEFL, and English conversation
Martin Campus Rather free SPARTA training course covering TOEIC, TOEFL, English conversation, and IELTS

Philippines Language Training Program

  • 1:1 lecture
  • 1:4 lecture
  • Group lecture (TOEIC)