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International Students


International Student Insurance

  • All international students must buy insurance as they may need medical care due to unexpected illnesses and injuries suffered during their stay.
  • You can buy insurance from either domestic or overseas insurance companies, but you must submit the insurance policy to the Office of International & External Affairs.
  • Medical insurance from your country of origin providing medical benefits in Korea
    (An insurance policy must be submitted.)
  • Korean National Health Insurance (A certificate of National Health Insurance must be submitted) : Buy insurance through the National Health Insurance Service.
  • International student general insurance from a domestic private accident insurance company
    (An insurance policy must be submitted.)
National Health Insurance
National Health Insurance
Category Details
Eligible applicants A foreign national student with an alien registration card or report of local sojourn who wishes to buy the National Health Insurance
Required documents
  • Alien Registration Card
  • For those earning income, certificate of income
  • For foreign national Koreans (F-4) applying for Korean sojourn, report of local sojourn
  • Proof of enrollment (D-2 or overseas Koreans)
Place of submission Branch office having jurisdiction over your alien registration (place of sojourn)
Application procedures When you apply for yourself (to be processed immediately)
  • Receive documents
  • Issue a National Health Insurance Card immediately (One month premium to be paid in advance)
Insurance premium
Insurance benefits
  • Insurance benefits equivalent to Korean nationals
  • A subscriber pays 20% of medical fee for hospitalization.
  • A subscriber pays about 30 to 50% of outpatient medical costs.

※ For more details contact the National Health Insurance Service.(1577-1000,

Local private medical insurance (international student insurance) Eligible applicants

GEP 프로그램
Category Details
Eligible applicants A foreign national student who has not bought private medical insurance or national medical insurance in his/her country of origin
Insurance benefits Costs of consultation, treatment, medication, hospitalization, etc. due to illness
(benefits vary depending on insurance)
Claim A subscriber pays full medical costs at hospital or pharmacy → Submits a receipt and required documents to an insurance company → receives insurance
Note A subscriber should re-purchase insurance or renew it before its termination as its coverage usually lasts one year.