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비주얼용 비지
International Students

Counseling Center

Counseling Center for International Students

Counseling coverage
  • Provides information on campus life
    (dormitory, insurance, learning methods, checking attendance rate and managing grades, Korean language training, etc.)
  • Life away from home country
  • Study, career aptitude, and career path
  • Relationships
  • Psychology counseling
    - Mental health test : MMPI-2 multiphasic personality test, SCT sentence completion test, simple mental test
    - Personality test : MBTI Personality Assessment Test, EPDI Enneagram, TCI-RS test
    - Career aptitude and career path test : STRONG job interest test, Holland career aptitude test, CTI career thinking test
    - Study test : MLST study strategy test, U&I study type test
    - Others : Relationship trouble test, NEO personality test, Wexler adult intelligence test
    (K-WAIS-Ⅳ), etc.
  • The International Relations Team provides information on campus life.
    The Student Counseling Center provides counseling services on study,
    general student life, and psychology
    For those unable to speak Korean fluently, interpretation service is provided