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비주얼용 비지
Global Education Institute

About GEI

It is a great pleasure to welcome you all to Global Education Institute (GEI) of Catholic University of Pusan.
대외협력처 한국어교육센터 학생 사진
Global Education Institute of Office of International & External Affairs CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF PUSAN

In September 2016, we opened the long-anticipated GEI in an effort to realize "globalization of the CUP campus" and be a hub of its leading global system. Global Education Institute is a program designed by education professionals who closely analyzed the existing programs run by other universities and developed our unique program to meet the demands and needs of Korean language learners. In other words, it incorporates reading-listening and vocabulary-grammar-writing, avoiding the existing one-dimensional programs, and practices conversations for various topics and repeats practical dialogues.

The Global Education Institute is run based on systematic teaching plans so that learners can efficiently prepare for lectures with their contents and objectives known in advance. Moreover, students grade themselves in each lecture. They can also know their own progress and study level through feedback and develop a close relationship with instructors in an attempt to achieve their study goals.

The GEI runs the International Student Dormitory for learners on campus throughout the year. It operates a state-of-the-art unmanned security system to ensure their safety and offers various amenities and rest areas to help them adapt to Korean life easily.

The course-takers at the GEI are part of the CUP community and are treated equally as CUP undergraduates and graduates to enjoy campus life. They are welcome to use various student facilities and participate in campus events and activities.

The GEI entered the Korean education field later than its counterparts; however, we will put our utmost effort into moving the CUP campus forward onto the global stage by taking advantage of being a late bloomer.

Professor Kang So-young, Director of the GEI