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Global Education Institute

Insurance & Medical Checkup

International Student Insurance

All international students must buy insurance as they may need medical care due to unexpected illnesses and injuries suffered during their stay.
You can buy insurance from both domestic and overseas insurance companies, but you must submit the insurance policy to the International Relations Team
  • Medical insurance from your country of origin providing medical benefits in Korea
    (An insurance policy must be submitted.)
  • Korean National Health Insurance (A certificate of the National Health Insurance shall be submitted) : Buy insurance through the National Health Insurance Service.
  • General international student insurance from a domestic accident insurance company
    ((An insurance policy must be submitted.)

National Health Insurance

National Health Insurance
Category Description
Eligible applicants An international student with an alien registration card or Korea Sojourn Permit who wishes to buy the National Health Insurance
Required documents
  • - Alien Registration Card
  • - For those earning income, documents proving your financial ability
  • - For foreign national Koreans (F-4) applying for Korean sojourn, report of local sojourn
  • - Proof of enrollment (D-2 or overseas Koreans)
Place of submission Branch office having jurisdiction over your alien registration (place of sojourn)
Application procedures If you apply for yourself (to be processed immediately)
  • - Receive documents
  • - Issue a National Health Insurance Card immediately (One month premium to be paid in advance)
Insurance premium For D-2, D-4, C-9, or C-10 visas: A 50% reduction
How to calculate National Health Insurance premium
  • - Insurance benefits equivalent to Korean nationals
  • - A subscriber pays 20% of medical fee for hospitalization
  • - A subscriber pays about 30 to 50% of outpatient medical costs.

※ For more details contact the National Health Insurance Service (Call +82 1577-1000, or visit

Private medical insurance (international student insurance)

Private medical insurance (international student insurance)
Category Description
Eligible applicants An international student with any nationality who has not bought medical insurance or national medical insurance in his/her country of origin
Benefits Costs of consultation, treatment, medication, hospitalization, etc. due to illness
(benefits vary depending on insurance)
Claim A subscriber pays full medical costs at hospital or pharmacy → Submits a receipt and required documents to an insurance company → receives insurance
Note A subscriber should re-purchase the insurance or renew it before its termination as its coverage usually lasts one year.

Tuberculosis examination for alien registration

Any international student who wishes to register as an alien is obliged to undergo a tuberculosis examination in accordance with the policies of the Korean Ministry of Justice. (Effective as of 1 December 2014)

Applicable students

An international student with nationality from a country with high tuberculosis risk who wishes to register as an alien (D-2 or D-4)

Applicable countries

Countries with an occurrence rate or prevalence rate of 50 persons or more per 100,000 (16 countries): China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Russia (Federation), Myanmar, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Uzbekistan

When to submit a Medical Examination Certificate
  • When you first register as an alien (when applying for an alien registration card)
  • Not necessary when you request an extension of stay
How to receive a medical checkup
  • Visit the nearest public health center → Undergo a medical checkup → (following day) Receive a Medical Examination Certificate
  • Required documents: Passport, standard acceptance letter, one standard-size photograph (3*4), certificate issuance fee (KRW 1,500)
  • Nearest public health center to CUP: Geumjeong-gu Public Health Center (Tel: +82 51 519 5051)
  • Visit the public health center and receive a medical checkup for international students (tuberculosis)